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Larisa Blazic studied architecture at Belgrade University and received MA Hypermedia degree at the University of Westminster,
London. In the 90s, she became increasingly involved in an interdisciplinary approach towards art and architecture, successfully
combining architectural design with video and sound. She collaborates on art projects exhibited worldwide, and currently teaches at the
University of Westminster where she is developing a series of interactive installations.

Current work is focused on interactive site-specific installation exploring audience participation, real-time audio distribution and
networked video installation. Her work explores location as main carrier of meaning, aesthetics of everyday urban experience, creative
use of surveillance technologies, real-time video stream and moving image in the context of temporary public art interventions and its
communication to wider audience.


Group and Solo Exhibitions:

2010 - red carpet treatment, various locations in Hackney, London UK.

2009 - Mezzo moderno, mezzo distrutto, Gillett Square, London UK.

2009 - interkomm, collaborative software.

2008 - In This Place Of Safety, London Festival Of Architecture, Novas Gallery, London UK.

2008 - Silicon Hackney in Real Time, Space Studios, London, UK.

2008 - Morning Lane Eyes, Phoenix Theatre, Leicester, UK.

2008 - New Resreach, Gallery West, London, UK.

2007 - DO YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU, Terrace Studios Gallery, London, UK.

2007 - WAKE UP WHITNEY (205A Morning Lane in reverse), VINEspace, London, UK.

2007 - angel (OF PECKHAM), I Love Peckham Shop Windows, London, UK.

2007 - Open End, open studios exhibition, London, UK.

2007 - 205A Morning Lane, site-specific installation, London, UK.

2006 – Node.London, March’06 Season, London, UK.

2004 - Someting Beautiful, video installation, DIASPORA, Cybersalon @ The Dana centre, London, UK.

2004 – The Third Place Gallery, PS2 online gallery

2003 - LEGACY 03, ICA, London, UK.

2002 - oneproductzerocontrol as part of "Lev Manovich: Adventures In Digital Cinema", Digital Arts Centre, ICA, London, UK.

2002 - Participation in exhibition at the May Salon, Belgrade, Serbia.

2002 - Brno 2002 - ICOGRADA, Brno, Czech Republic.

2000 - Participated in Blue Circle group exhibition with performance YOU CHOOSE!  in collaboration with Sasa Djordjevic [percussion]

and THE CHOICE installation, RS Gallery of Visual Arts, Banjaluka, BIH.

1999  - Group exhibition Stop the Violence, MAK, Vienna, Austria.

1999 - Video works preview and performance CASE at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria.

1999 - Video works preview at Gallery Studio Stefania Miscetti Rome, Italy.

1999 - Exhibition of paintings and video installation Static * Dynamic, SKC, Belgrade.

1998 - Biennale of Theatre Design:  A.A.P.S. Recycled by l.b. and Static*Dynamic, Belgrade.

1996 - Exhibition of Archi-Sculptures, Delft, Holland.

1996 - Group exhibition City - Identity - Spectacle, SKC, Belgrade, and INFANT, Novi Sad, Serbia.

1995 - Group exhibition XX Salon of Architecture, MAA, Belgrade, Serbia.

1995 - Group exhibition, presentation of project Gravitation Zero, MAA, Belgrade, Serbia.

1994 - Group exhibition IX Salon of Architecture, MAA, Belgrade, Serbia.

1993 - Participated in multimedia project Motion Architecture, SKC, Belgrade, Serbia.


2005 – Short-listed for New contemporaries 2005, UK.

2003 – Short-listed for Levi’s Digital Art Award Competition, London, UK.

1997 - VIII Competition of Japan Design Foundation, Osaka, Japan.

1996 - Competition City - Identity - Spectacle, SKC, Belgrade and INFANT, Novi Sad, Serbia.

1995 - VII Competition of Japan Design Foundation, Osaka, Japan.

1995 - IFI 95, Nagoya, Japan.

Video and New Media Festivals:

2002 - Cybersonica Festival with oneproductzerocontrol CD-Rom, ICA, London, UK.

2002 - e-idea, First International Festival of Digital Arts, Kovin, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Serbia.

2000 - The Other Side of Zero, Video Positive 2000, VR web based project, Liverpool, UK.

1998 - ISEA98 with Virtual Revolution Project - VR cartoon, Manchester, UK.

1998 - MUU Media Festival98, Helsinki, Finland.

1998 - Euro-Underground Festival, Chicago, USA.

1998 - LADA 98/8 MED - Media & Radio Festival, web casting from B92, Rimini, Italy.

1998 - Video Festival IMAGE - Architettura in Movimento, Florence, Italy.

1998 - - French - Baltic - Nordic Festival, Tallinn, Estonia.

1997 - Meeting Point, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

1997 - Interstanding 2, Tallinn, Estonia.

1997 - Video Positive 97, Liverpool, UK.

1997 - VideoMedeja 97, Novi Sad, Serbia.

1996 - VideoMedeja 96, Novi Sad, Serbia.

Workshops and Seminars:

2006 - Plektrum Festval, Tallinn, Estonia.

2000  - Web culture workshop with Micz Flor - Out of the Real, Rex, Belgrade, Serbia.

2000 - Participated at what, how & for whom seminar with presentations of Novi Sad’s Video Scene and

VideoMedeja Festival Selected Works, mama net.cultural klub, Zagreb, Croatia.

1998 - Polar Circuit 2 workshop, with Attic and VR Cartoon Projects, Tornio, Finland.

1998 - Video workshop, Crossing Over+++ organized by Cyberns, Novi Sad, Serbia.

1998 - Infowar, ARS Electronica Symposium via C3, Budapest, Hungary.

1997 - Architecture workshop with Prof. Kevin Rhowbotam, MAA, Belgrade, Serbia.

1996 - International Design Seminar, INDESEM, Delft, Holland.

1996 - International Seminar Project X, assistant scenographer to Robin Rawstorne, Belgrade, Serbia.

1996 - Soundscapes workshop with John Cobban, Project X, Belgrade, Serbia.


2001 - Wired, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2000 - KulturKontakt, Wien, Austria.

1998 - Polar Circuit 2, Tornio, Finland.

Last modified: London, March 2010.