Peer production and local governance through the Blockchain

Local&&Ledger interviews with Alexei Blinov

Messy transcripts and raw sound

Introduction and building the hypothesis around keywords:

Council tax, local governance, local authority, residents, council coin, taxpayer, public benefit.

The second audio file including:

Cryptocurrency, citizens, council shop services, service database, public services, fiat currency, social inequality, software systems, etc.

The plot thickens!

Trust, allocations and indications of funds and expenditure, binding social situation, a mining device, router, contract, energy consumption, proof of work, a public ledger.

New shiny economy approaching:

Bitcoin, financial technology, banks, third party, authenticity and financial viability.

Musings on implementation and many unanswered questions:

Voting platform, an auction of sorts, requesting a service, calling for a tender, user interface design, minimal user tech skill required, cross platform implementation.

The general public gets control of the public funding:

Governance and distribution of public funds, citizens' rights, mutual benefit, local economy, waste collection - a case study, social contract, self-governance, local organising, armchair auditors.

Keywords for futher study:

Blockchain, consensus machines, consensus algorithms, peer to peer networks, crypto currency and Greek economy, public ledger.